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The Organic Product
is a food product, which is a result of certified organic production that prohibits:

On a field

the use of synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic substances and GMOs , stimulation of product growth and quality.

In livestock

the use of growth-promoting hormones, lactation, genetically modified feeds and synthetic additives. It is forbidden to keep animals in inhumane conditions. Calves should drink mother’s milk, not CMR made from genetically modified soybean.

In processing

the use of synthetic additives: conserving agents, stabilizer, food colorings, taste modifiers.

Organic Milk

The company has the fully completed production cycle from forage growing, food animal keeping to raw milk processing and finished product manufacturing. The modern farm complex of European design and up-to-date hi tech milk processing factory allow achieving of the best product quality results.

The products of LLC “Organic Milk” are unique for the local market because they are healthful, safe for consumption, tasty and provide large cooking possibilities. The peculiarity of the products is, first of all, the fact that only organic milk and lactic acid bacteria, conforming to the international regulations of organic production, are used in milk processing milk product manufacturing.

At the farms cows are fed with organic forage only and grazed at organic pastures about 200 days per year. All products are made according to international regulations. All forage growing and milk production processes are under control of “Organic Standard”.

The factory consists of several premises with everything necessary for milk processing and milk products manufacturing: receiving room, fermented milk manufacturing room, hard and soft cheese manufacturing room, finished product and package storage facility, thermostatic chambers.


The only raw material, used at the factory, is the milk, produced at our organic farms. It is certified according to organic standards. There are three farms with livestock of 3 thousand animals and there are 1,5 thousand of milk livestock.

The milk is of high quality that is achieved due to the modern European equipment for non-contact milking at the farms. The human factor is minimized and the milk doesn’t have any contact with air.