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Advantages of Organik Milk

In accordance with scientists’ research of Newcastle University (Great Britain), members of the European research project Quality Low Input Food (QLIF) and Food Resources Institute of NAAS of Ukraine

50% more of omega 3 fatty acids, which:

-reduce the risk of CDVs;

– enhance mental capabilities;

– slow down aging process

Content of indispensable and dispensable amino acids is 10.8% and 11.2% more

60% more immunostimulant antioxidants

Content of protein and “true” protein is 2.04% and 1.7% more

11% more of linoleic acid,which:

-useful for heart health, as it reduces the cholesterol level;

-effectively splits the excess fat cells

Soft pasteurization during processing (75°C±2%) allows to keep more vitamins and other useful elements

74 % more of iodine