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«Our position is principledto feed you with tasty and quality milk products!»

«Organic Milk» is the first factory in Ukraine that produces organic milk products with fully complete production cycle. The organic products are surely the trend of ХХІ century. So our aim is to produce the REAL product for Ukraine. Our product is combination of safety, quality and perfect flavor.

The company mission

Our mission is to contribute to consumers’ life quality increase due to production of healthy and safe organic milk products.

At the current development stage the company takes the leading positions in shaping and developing of the civilized market of organic products, in promoting culture of consuming organic milk products. Looking forward, the company dreams to create eco-friendly living environment for the current and next generations.

The company philosophy

The company motto — “Responsibility for the future” — conveys the essence of our corporate philosophy. The social responsibility of the business activity is directed on saving and growing of the national health, creating favourable environment and rational use of natural resources in the regions of the company’s activity, and provision of operational safety in environment-friendly conditions for its employees.

The valuable development basis of the company employees, as the main carriers of its philosophy, is hidden in four categories, namely safety, conscientiousness, efficiency and leadership.

Welcome to the world of Organic products!

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