WorldFood Ukraine 2017

From 25 to 27 October, the only Ukrainian, segmented International Food and Drink Exhibition WorldFood Ukraine 2017 was held in Kiev. This is the main event of the food, retail and restaurant business sector for promotion of food, beverages and services of national and international suppliers.

As the organizers of the exhibition say, participation in such event is the best opportunity for young producers to market themselves, present their product to the target audience, form new communications, as well as attract investments and conclude profitable contracts.

Everyone had the opportunity to taste our dairy and meat products, as well as visitors were waiting for many tastings of the best products and drinks that you will find only on WorldFood Ukraine!

Прийміть найщиріші вітання з нагоди Вашого Дня народження

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Щиро вітаємо нашу любу Олену Олександрівну
З Днем Народження!!!
Хай сонечко світить із ясного неба,
Бажаємо всього, чого тільки треба.
Хай Господь дарує довгого віку,
В усьому удачу і щастя без ліку.
Хай обминають дім Ваш тривоги,
Квітами гарними проляжуть дороги,
Щоб серце Ваше зігрівало тепло,
Щоб завжди в душі панувало добро.
Краси і наснаги, здоров’я без ліку
І ніжності в серці бажаєм до віку.

З повагою, колектив Органік Мілк

Conscious Mama

Conscious Mama

On the basis of the clinical sanatorium October is not the first time the were organized the classes of school #Svidoma_mama.  And on September 26, 2017, a meeting was held at tems “Milk and Dairy Products. How to choose».

It was interesting, lively and tasty. All participants of the meeting sincerely thanked Organic Milk for tasting and interesting facts about farms, cows, organic milk and products from it.

They also talked about different types of milk, the features of its thermal treatment and the concept of “milk quality”. Future moms got answers to the questions: how to choose milk? what to look for on the label? which dairy products is better to use at each age?

In general, everything went great! Looking forward to the next appointments!

All-Ukrainian Fair of organic products – 2017

All-Ukrainian Fair of organic products - 2017

September 23 once again was organized the All-Ukrainian Fair of organic products at Kontraktova Square in Kiev.  Each year this event becomes a symbolic bridge, which connects organic producer with a potential customer.

This year, manufacturers from all over Ukraine offered the visitors a certified organic vegetables, fruits, berries, dairy and meat products, cereals, oil, honey, juices, beverages, syrups, jams, baked goods.

Guests also had a chance to taste organic dairy products of Organic Milk LLC and had tasted new product – yogurt with raspberry, meat products of Organic meat product LLC, drinks, to participate at contests, getting prizes by winners of photocontest , had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful music and songs.

The atmosphere was excellent! The event succeeded!

Organic Tour 2017

Organic tour 2017 around country

Organic tours are extremely rare in Ukraine, despite their rather large popularity abroad. Such tours increase the level of knowledge in the field of ecology, food culture, etc. And the result of such tours, as a rule, is a change in the consciousness of the participant, who begins to think about what he eats, how this product is produced and what consequences this will have for him and the environment as a whole. Finally, the culture of consumption is changing, the demand for organic or ecologically certified products is increasing.

Full cycle of Organic Tour 2017, the organizers of which are Natur Boutique shops, Mezon Blanche eco-houses, Victoria PE, was a bright event of this September.

Visiting of our factory for the production of TM Organic Milk dairy products is traditionally included in the tour. Everyone could not only ask questions and look at the process of production, but also taste it and at the same time evaluate our novelties – milk with cocoa and yoghurt with a Raspberry filling.

This time the participants had the opportunity to “get to know” our new plant for the production of organic meat products of TM Organic Meat. All participants through the window saw how raw cured sausage, made by Italian technology, ripens for 40 days, and tried the entire range of products.

Olexandr Yushchenko, the director general and the founder of GALEKS-AGRO PE, continued the tour to the farm and answered all the questions of interest.

Openness of production, openness in communication disposes for the further study of the organic market.

XXIX International Agricultural Exhibition “AGRO 2017”

XXIX International Agricultural Exhibition On June 7-10, the XXIX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition “Agro-2017” took place in Kiev in the National Complex “Expo-Center Ukraine”, during which the best achievements of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine were presented within four days.

The exhibition “Agro-2017” is the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, it is an effective platform for improving production, introducing innovations, presentations of novelties in all spheres of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. This is also a business event, opening up opportunities for cooperation with the world leaders in the world agricultural sector, as well as a unique opportunity for a dialogue between private business and the state, associations and foreign representatives.

Traditionally, a wide range of organic dairy products of Organic Milk LLC was presented at the exhibition. Guests of our stand could taste the whole assortment, as well as a pleasant novelty was milk with cocoa, which in the near future can be found in the shops of your city.

But the biggest news was the presentation of the products of LLC “Organic Meat Product”.

The visitors were delighted. And this is not surprising. After all, we do not change our views and further contribute to improving the quality of life of consumers through the production of healthy and safe organic products.

We hope that we will continue to please our customers for a long time.

Europe Day

Europe DayEurope Day is, first of all, the holiday of unity in Europe.

Since 2008, this holiday is celebrated annually in Vinnytsia. It symbolizes the European aspirations of the people of our country.

On May 20, 2017, we also visited Vinnytsya.

On this day, tens of thousands of Vinnytsiaans and city guests come to the city center, which turns into a pedestrian zone for several hours to participate in a variety of interactive programs, master classes, festivals and concerts.

Europe Day in Ukraine VinnytsyaOrganic Milk LLC. and Organic Meat Product LLC. presented their products to visitors during the holiday. Everyone was able to learn more about organic matter, its benefits, to taste and buy the product they like.

The holiday was great.

Dairy products and diet

If you want to avoid extra kilos, stay in shape or lose weight, then your diet should contain milk products.

Let’s begin with milk
It is useful because of containing the calcium necessary for the body. One glass of milk contains the minimum daily calcium requirement of an organism. Therefore, it is recommended to drink one or two glasses of milk a day. The advantage of calcium is its direct participation in the metabolism, and a lack of calcium causes fail in metabolic processes. Therefore, without dairy products, weight loss can be inconclusive. Calcium is also very important for the work of muscles, that’s why absolutely all athletes include dairy products in their diet.

Milk is also a source of protein that is easily digested. Contained in milk fat is also easily digested and has no extra burden on the digestive system. Besides, milk perfectly nourishes the body and quenches hunger.

Milk fat contains linoleic acid, which activates the conversion of edible fats into energy and accelerates the disintegration of subcutaneous fat, and potassium facilitates the excretion of decay products. Protein diet is currently one of the most popular diets.


In order to diversify the taste of milk, you can make shakes, for example, half a liter of milk blend with a cup of fresh or frozen berries – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and others. It would be better not to add sugar if you do not want a high-calorie drink.

Dairy products are also beneficial for weight loss. Firstly, they are absorbed much faster than milk, and secondly, supply the body with protein, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. But calcium in these products is in optimal ratio with phosphorus and other elements, so it is better absorbed. In addition, fermented milk products improve digestion, maintain normal intestinal flora, help to eliminate toxins from the body, which is especially important when losing weight. With its low caloricity, kefir is used in many diets for weight reduction. It contains the same amount of carbohydrates and proteins that are easily absorbed and digested. A cup of kefir at bedtime will help to get rid of annoying hunger and sleeplessness.


Arranging small snacks with dairy products, you will quickly saturate your body and will not eat unnecessary calories. For example, 100 grams of kefir contains 50-60 calories, whereas 100 grams of biscuit – 375 calories, and 100 grams of milk chocolate – 546 calories.

Cottage cheese – is a universal milk product for weight loss. It contains about 17-30% of protein and many amino acids which normalize metabolism.

It is also an important component of sport nutrition. Because of protein amount and its availability, it is ahead of other fermented dairy products.
However, it contains a huge amount of micronutrients, amino acids, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, E, A, C, B1 and B2 vitamins. You can eat it both for breakfast and for lunch or dinner. If your goal is to lose weight, it is important not to add sugar or sour cream. It would better to put in fresh berries or dried fruit, a little honey. And if you suddenly want something sweet, eat a cheesecake dessert.


Yogurts maintain skin health, improve digestion, positively affect the nervous system, regulate cholesterol levels and save you during the working day. Being rich in protein and calcium, nutritious and delicious, they are perfect for a light snacks. If you are on a diet, it would be better to use yogurt with low fat content, because it is most useful. Adding to yogurt cereals or cornflakes, you’ll get a great breakfast..


Cheeses are rich in calcium and phosphorus, but they contain twice as much protein than fat. By the way, 100 grams of cheese contain from 300 to 500 calories, so if you want to lose weight, eat not more than 30 grams of cheese a day.


Fasting milk days are considered to be very effective for weight loss. They can be conducted once a week. When choosing dairy products, pay attention to the fact that they are low-calorie and natural (without flavor enhancers, fragrances and other harmful additives).

Therefore, organic food is best suited for this. They will help you to receive the required amount of energy and increase body tone.

Then overweight will quickly disappear and soon you will achieve the desired results..