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The Business Woman Day

The Business Woman Day unites girls who burn with personal business, take everything from the life and achieve results in business not under men’s rules. She is a woman of new generation who can be successful and sexy maintaining balance between the individuality and career.

We did not miss IQmama this month, too.

Dnipro and sunny Odesa! Meet us again!


This month we started off visiting the close to us Zhytomyr, namely participated in the International Ecoforum of the regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

In September, there is a common event for us that is just bursting in organics!!!

It is the All-Ukrainian fair of organic products at the Kontraktova Square. Indeed, it is a site where “organics” from all over Ukraine get together.

On the 7th of September, we again participated in the Mamacan event, MamaCan FEST!

The organisers arrange thematic events almost every day. And this is really cool, since everyone can come at the appropriate time, and get lots of helpful information and plenty of positive emotions.

We started off September good!

At the very first day we took part in Mamaslyot’s event.

And now we are again in warm sunny Odesa!

Another festival for mothers-to-be, children and their parents.  But how can you reject?! Nice meetings, interesting speeches and friendly people, the smell of the sea and something delicious by Organic Milk are perfect components of great mood.

We also visited the Dairy Meeting with Nina Zaichenko.

The Dairy Meeting is a thematic family festival arranged for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, families with children with the “dairy blogger” Nina Zaichenko.⠀

Holiday by Mamaslyot!

Another outstanding event where we were happy to take part was the holiday by Mamaslyot!

MyBabyFest is the festival about children and for children!

We participated was MyBabyFest Summer Vacations Festival.

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