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Comparative Figures

Comparative figures to evaluate quality and availability of milk, which is brought for processing from the own farm to Organic Milk LLC

Extra class standards, by State Standards of Ukraine No. 3662-97 Raw milk arrives to Organic Milk LLC Undesignated milk (bought in the market from “hands”)
Somatic cells quantity up to 400 ths./cm 3 180-200 ths./см3
>1000 ths./cm 3
This figure shows cows’ health. The less somatic cells amount, the healthier the cows are.
General bacterial contamination up to 100 ths./cm 3 up to 10 ths./cm 33 >500 ths./cm 3 Number of hazardous microorganisms in 1cm3 of milk. Indicates the hygiene level during milking, transportation and processing of milk.
Degree of purity (presence of chemical additives) I I
IV (peak level.
There is no saying about purity)
Acidity, °Т 16-17 °Т 16 °Т >20-25 °Т
Milk temperature, °C under 6°C 4-5 °Т >12 °Т