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Lactose-free organics

Dairy products should be in everyone’s diet.

It is a treasure trove of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D and group B, potassium and protein.
How to be the one who has lactose intolerance?
You should not give up this type of product!

Organic Milk is now LACTOSE-FREE!

Among the novelties: milk, kefir and yogurt.

As for product quality, nothing has changed!
Only the enzyme lactase is added to the usual positions from Organic.

However, the taste becomes sweeter due to the breakdown of lactose into smaller ones elements.

The benefits of lactose-free products are undeniable.

  • Due to the destruction of lactose, the product stops causing an allergic reaction.
  • Easily digested, as lowering glucose levels facilitates easier and faster digestion and eliminates side effects in the digestive system, such as flatulence, bloating, nausea, vomiting.
  • Reducing the likelihood of colic in the newborn during breastfeeding.

We understand how important it is for each of us to eat healthy food that will bring benefits and taste pleasure and, along with everything, will be high quality and safe.

Therefore, we improve our products and strive to ensure that everyone can taste organic products!