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Lviv Organic & Natural Fair (LOF) 2020

The Fair of Organic and Natural Products in Lviv / Lviv Organic & Natural Fair (LOF), was initiated and held annually by LMGO “Ecoterra” since 2012.  Such a thematic event is traditionally held in Lviv region.  It has become a kind of platform between producer and consumer, promoting organic production, consumption of organic products as an element of a healthy lifestyle and responsible consumption of city residents.

Lviv residents and guests were able to get acquainted with a variety of ecological and organic products.  Organic producers presented organic cheeses, vegetables, cereals, meat products and many other delicacies. We did not miss this opportunity.

We thank the organizers of LMGO “Ecoterra” and the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine for wonderful events and the opportunity to join the organic movement.

The Fair of Organic and Natural Products in Lviv lof 2020