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We have updated our yogurts!

Summer at Organic Milk was filled with bright colors!  Why?

We have updated our yogurts!  From now on you will be able to taste your favorite products in a bright and convenient format!

But no less important and useful news is that a probiotic from the famous company Chr.Hansen was added to yogurts.

In the production of these types of products, the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®) was added to the composition.

Probiotics, or as they are called “beneficial bacteria” – living organisms, the use of which in sufficient quantities provides health benefits.  They have a good effect on immunity, vascular health, skin condition, mood and general condition of the body, are useful for the gastrointestinal tract and even for the nervous system.

Our body especially needs probiotics: when taking antibiotics, with poor nutrition and when traveling.

We try to get our consumers only the best, so we improve our products, make it much more useful and delicious!