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Fresh cool Ayran, tasty and fragrant – what is it?

Ayran is the ancestor of modern yogurts, a fermented milk product popular in the Caucasus, the Balkans and the Turkic peoples.  Ayran is very similar to liquid sour cream or kefir.  It is sour-salty in taste, perfectly quenches thirst and is rich in useful trace elements.

Ayran has been drunk for 15 centuries, and its invention is attributed to the Turkic nomadic tribes.  They spent their whole lives hiking, and therefore needed drinks,  that quench their thirst and hunger on the road.  They noticed that if you add a special leaven to their favorite milk, it will turn sour, acquire a pleasant taste and will last a very long time.  A little later, to their delight, they discovered the beneficial properties of Ayran.

Among the beneficial properties of Ayran is especially valued ability to prolong life, so the inhabitants of the mountains, who drink this drink every day, are in excellent health and longevity.

So, what is the use of Ayran?  First of all, it has a positive effect on the digestive system: it is well absorbed, stimulates the intestines and forms a favorable microflora. Thanks to various amino acids, Ayran stabilizes the body’s water-salt balance, which is why it perfectly quenches thirst. Ascorbic acid is also present in this drink, which helps to strengthen the immune system and resist seasonal diseases.  Ayran also helps to fill the lack of oxygen in tissues and organs, as it increases blood flow and tones muscles well.

Organic AyranAnother valuable property is worth mentioning. Ayran for weight loss is one of the most effective and safe means.  The main secret lies in the beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which gently and painlessly cleanse the body of putrefactive bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances.

This drink is very nutritious, so it satisfies the body and satisfies hunger.

Cold soups are often made from Ayran, marinades are made for barbecue or added to hot meat dishes.  And combining Ayran with spicy herbs, you can create delicious sauces.  It is also used to make cold  soup like okroshka, and by mixing Ayran with ice, water or simply fermenting for several days, other sour milk drinks are prepared.

Ayran is a drink that combines excellent taste and countless useful properties.

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